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Our team provides you the background of practice in various countries, contacts with regulators. When it comes to fire design or fire testing we help to maximize the outcome.

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Joachim Schmid

As a kid, I loved firing the ovens in our house and finding fire wood in the woods. Studying civil engineering in Vienna, I attended classes of Prof. Schneider who taught the basics about fire resistance and fire engineering. Subsequently, I met Dr. König in Stockholm who became my supervisor and mentor dealing with complex members: timber structures. Suddenly, I found myself into fire engineering, standardisation and the development of caclulation models for engineers. After about 10 years in Sweden, I moved to Switzerland to work with Prof. Frangi at ETH Zürich where I started this company with three ambitious colleagues.

Now I help companies with their challanges proofing fire safety, their product development and I am a project leader at the department of civil engineering for research projects.