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These projects are the heart of our operation.

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Load-bearing capacity of timber connections in fire

Connections were designed for a five level office building made from cross-laminated timber panels and glued laminated timber beams and columns. This was done using thermal finite element analysis. The model used was verified earlier using fire resistance test results. The load-bearing connections were designed to fullfil the R90 requirement.

Melbourne, Australia

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Performance based design of an office building made from timber

BIG | Bjarke Ingels Group Copenhague/Danemark, en partenariat avec metaform/Luxembourg

The “Skypark Business Center” is an about 300m long building mainly built from cross-laminated timber and glulam beams and columns. The user concept includes a shopping mall, a hotel and office spaces. IGNIS provided the performance based fire design considering the visible wood surfaces including a risk assessment comparing the project to a conventional concrete building.

Luxemburg, Luxemburg

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Standard fire design for non-standard elements

ETH Zürich, House of Natural Resources

A concept building representing the innovation capacity was designed for the Laboratory of Hydraulics, Hydrology and Glaciology. The "House of Natural Resources" exhibits various pioneering structural elements such as hard wood elements, pre-tensioned connections and connector-free concrete composite floors.
As no practical experience nor standards are available for the implemented members, the fire resistance was modelled and finally verified by fire testing by the founders of IGNIS.

Zürich, Switzerland

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Review of holistic fire design concept - extension of a shopping mall

The contractor aimed for a significant extension of a shopping mall. 10 stories made from cross-laminated timber are projected with about office space of about 2000m2. The structure exhibits substantial deviations from the building regulations, thus, a performance based design is requested. IGNIS helped the engineers to collect references, reviewed the fire safety concept and improve the existing design to proceed for a building permit and a fire safe design.

Melbourne, Australia

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Fire Safety Concept

A fire safety concept was developed for topping up an existing building in Switzerland. The project included the refurbishment of the existing building to meet current fire safety regulations and the planning of fire safe details and structures of timber and timber-composite members.


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Fire resistance test and technical expertise of concrete connectors

Metal connectors have been tested in a model scale concrete floor slab. Temperature recordings at various positions have been done to determine the load bearing capacity in the fire situation.

Dübendorf, Switzerland

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Fire resistance testing and design of timber-concrete composite floor

Création Holz AG, Hermann Blumer

Full scale fire resistance tests were performed to investigate a new innovative timber-concrete composite slab. Based on the test results, a fire design model was developped and the slab verfiried for a fire resistance of REI120. In workshops with authorities and fire inspectors, the performance of the slab was discussed and finally, the slab was used in a building with 25 levels in Antwerp (BE).

Antwerp, Belgium


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