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Our team provides you the background of practice in various countries, contacts with regulators. When it comes to fire design or fire testing we help to maximize the outcome.

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Michael Klippel

I am passionate about timber and active in fire safety engineering for more than 10 years. As a son of a carpenter, I first studied both civil engineering and economics at RWTH Aachen (Germany). In 2009, I joined ETH Zurich as a PhD candidate in Prof. Frangi’s group (PhD title "Fire safety of bonded structural timber elements").

In recent years, I provided sound expert opinions and technical assessments in the field of fire safety engineering worldwide, espcially in the area of glued and massive timber members.

More than 350 fire resistance tests have been performed under my supervision. I also gained experience as a project leader fire safety to ensure quality management on construction sites in recent years.

The combination of newest and innovative (applied) research, the input of this research into standardization (e.g. EN 1995-1-2) and the application of this knowledge in real projects is a great opportunity for me that offers IGNIS as a recognized ETH spin-off.

Since the beginning of 2020, I am accredited expert of the Vereinigung Kantonaler Gebäudeversicherungen (VKF).